Vehicle Starting Issues, Warning Lights and Engine Stalling

If after attepmting to start your vehicle you are experiencing engine stall, warning lights/notifications or none starting then please clarify you have done the following:

  • Did you wait for any lights to extinguish or activate fully before entering you PIN?
  • Did you wait for the double flash of the indication lamp before starting the vehicle?
  • ABS Lamp or indicators on Fords, VW, Audi. Coil Lamp on Mercedes Vehicles
  • Did you stall or start the vehicle again within 30 seconds of turning the ignition off? Audi, VW, Porsche, Skoda

Dashboard Warning Lamps Illuminated?

Any vehicle warning lamps will clear after a FULL 30 SECONDS of the ignition been turned off followed by a correct PIN entry and engine run cycle.

Anti-hijack – Vehicle Stalling after 300 meters?

Does your vehicle have this feature? It WILL have been explained to you at the time of installation. You could well be activating the procedure when exiting the vehicle to put goods in the boot, close the garage door etc.