Problems Entering PIN Code

If you are struggling to enter you pin code then follow these instructions, but read the hints and tips first.

Hints & Tips

Do you have a parent button which has to be in a certain position before the manual pin code can be entered? This WILL have been explained to you on handover after installation.
Does your cruise control have to be turned on?
Does your air conditioning need to be turned on?
Do you need to wait 2 seconds for lights to extinguish or activate before entering your PIN?
If none of the above help rectify the issues then confirm you have followed the below…

Have you waited 5 seconds after trying to enter the PIN for the first time before entering a second time?
Have you waited 5 seconds between each failed PIN entry?
The above has to be a genuine 5 seconds, not 4 seconds but 5 FULL seconds.
If you feel you HAVEN’T waited then you have probably locked yourself out.

You can now either wait 5 FULL minutes or use the emergency PIN override however I advise waiting in this instance.

Your Emergency Override PIN is on the back of the black card you WERE given on completion of the installation.