Ghost Immobiliser App Problems

New Phone:

If you have a new phone and can not pair the app via Bluetooth this is most likely because the Ghost memory is full and requires you to clear it.

Download the IPhone pairing instructions below and follow the forced removal process. There is also a full walkthrough video below, ensure you follow EVERY step to the T.

If you are struggling to know your Service Button this WILL have been shown to you after installation but some prompts can be found in our section HERE

** Also please remember where the instructions call for the accelerator to be pressed certain Jaguar or Land Rover vehicles need the main beam to be held instead or other VAG group vehicles require the hazards to be pressed and held. You’ll know if this is applicable as it would have been shown to you at the time of installation.

Deleted the pairing by mistake?

Download the IPhone pairing instructions below and follow the forced removal process or watch the video below nut ensure you follow evry step to the T.


Vehicle still starts without the App running but the phone is in range?

If you are experiencing this issue then you will also be getting the double confirmation flash as you would after a manual PIN entry. This is the Ghost still acknowledging the presence of the phone.

To cure this will require a hard reset of the iPhone. Since the release of iOS 11.#.# we have experienced issues where the phone will keep the Bluetooth connection active even though the app is closed down and/or signed out of.

If using the App daily then we advise turning the phone on and off once a week and closing down all other apps when not in use.