Ghost Immobiliser Pin Change

Changing the PIN is explained on the back of the black card that you were left after installation. If you do not have this you download the below document.

PIN Change Procedure:

  1. Turn ignition on (do not start the engine)
  2. Enter code
  3. Double flash of indicators
  4. Foot down on accelerator and hold down (or hold main beam flash on some vehicles, mainly JLR)
  5. Enter code again
  6. 1 flash every 3 seconds of the indicators
  7. Enter new code
  8. 3 flashes of indicators
  9. Enter new code again
  10. 2 Flashes of indicators
  11. Release accelerator
  12. Turn the ignition off
  13. Wait your usual rearm time (5 to 30 seconds)
  14. PIN Changed
Please note:
Where the instructions call for the accelerator to be pressed some vehicles may use the main beam flash or hazard light button. This WILL have been explained and shown to you after the installation (usually a small selection of VW, Range Rover, Audi and Porsche Vehicles). USER MANUAL